Advanced Engineering Solutions

NeoTrux is comprised of a small group of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing specialists, and project managers. We're an agile, highly experienced, performance-oriented team of multi-disciplinary, professional engineers who are absolutely passionate about combining “Big Company” high quality engineering practices with the innovation, flexibility and affordability that a small experienced team can deliver. Upon assessment of the project, you will be provided with full list of product requirements and its associated risks. Such a perspective will provide confidence in your engineering team that NEOTRUX possesses the strategic, creative and technical abilities necessary to deliver solutions to move to a new level in today’s competitive world.

 NeoTrux is capable of providing a full suite of engineering design and management solutions in the following key areas:

        Production ready product part/assembly design using high end 3D solid/surface modeling techniques. Partnership with tier one polymer/metal/composite manufacturers.

        Industry first: Full suite of virtual design validation test for highest level of confidence in successful physical testing further down the product development cycle.

        Compliment/conventional mechanism design.

        Mechatronic Design.

        Machinery and Equipment Design.

        Manufacturing Process Design

Why use NeoTrux?

        Confidentiality and a firm dedication to protecting your IP.

        Providing industry first design and development techniques with proven results for our customers.

        Providing industry first patented composite design.

        Technical leaders; our management team have years of experience in all aspects of design but also have been successful as engineering managers and executives.

        Equally experienced in working in an OEM/Tier 1 environment or within a smaller shop environment.

        NeoTrux adapts to your work processes and standards.

        Providing fresh perspectives and expertise you may not have in house.

        Minimizing product development costs by:

o    Advanced 3D modeling/assembly/mechanism/manufacturing simulation.

o    Virtual testing suite (industry first)

o    Short time frame to best results

o    Lowering tooling costs providing production ready product design

o    Lowering overall product costs

o    Allowing you to balance your engineering horsepower as needed.

o    Providing technology know-how.


Our Guarantee

As engineers, we believe in product failure as an outcome of poor engineering, and lack of attention to details. This is the main reason behind product launch delays/recalls.

Our process guarantees shortest possible route to success without taking such shortcuts.

We see mechanical engineering as an art, blended with pure science with reasons/analysis behind every curve of the product design. Reasons due to safety, cost, function, life, reliability, endurance, manufacturing, regulatory,