Advanced Engineering Solutions

    Neotrux is a technology company, based in Vancouver, Canada, made up of a diverse energetic group of engineers and programmers that have the following core proven design competencies:

    Software               Hardware            Composites

    NeoTrux team has a stated goal of using their talents to develop new technologies and products that have the ability to make a real difference in different industry sectors.

    NeoFuse composite solution is a Patent Pending composite manufacturing process opening up the dramatic new field of composite and plastic fabrication.  This  new class of composite will:
    Outperform Carbon Fibre Composites (CFC) and Light Metal Structures, significantly reducing manufacturing/ component costs, and removes design limitations. This new composite provides an unmatched flexibility in design. In a single step product can be optimized for stiffness, weight, resonance, acoustics, impact and thermal design requirements. In addition, this composite solution provides a fully recyclable product. 

    Latest News:

    May 2014: Patent granted by USPO for new composite technology that replaces CF composites. 

    April 2011: Release of 3DSurfScan, a unique 3D surface scanner on iOS platform

    March 2011: Release of the first iOS application in iTunes Store

    February 2011: NeoTrux adds two new exciting fields of Electronic RF Hardware Product Design and Mobile Application Software Design.
    November 2010: NeoTrux initiates joint development and testing partnership  with an industry leader in composite and plastic technology

    October 2010: Introduction of the NeoFuse composite technology to OEMs.
    June 2010: First set of NeoFuse composite structure passes  mechanical laboratory tests.