A Short Summary of Elia 
    Elia is a middle school student from EMM (Eagle Mountain Middle) and is currently in grade seven going to eight. He is 12 years old and is enthusiastic about robotics, engineering, nature, computer technology and science. He has done many things in his life like making an interactive waste bin or making a detailed WWII air craft in 2 days. He is inspired by scientist who never quit. One of his greatest accomplishments is getting in touch and in business with a university across the continent. Some of his strengths are his passion, creativity and his urge to learn more. One philosophy Elia follows is "It's never good enough" because truly, it never is.

    In his spare time he usually works with his Arduino board, play Jedi challenges, work on his physics book, do math, ect.   He loves the show Star Talk and is a big fan of NASA. Some of his favourite games (even though he rarely plays games) is Enter the Gungeon and Worms the classic. He is also interested in attack aircraft (his favourite attack aircraft is the SU-57). He plays soccer and basketball both in Coquitlam. He also loves animals and nature and does believe in global warming (as something bad)! His favourite movies are Ready Player One, Star Wars and Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets.