Engineering Analysis

NeoTrux provides advanced engineering analysis services as an integral part of your project or as an independent service. We will carefully analyze your design and optimize it for geometry, weight, structure, function, thermal efficiency, vibration, flow, fatigue, processing (injection molding) and safety. We can make your product the very best it can be:

Areas of expertise in engineering include:

Engineering calculations, analysis and optimization.
Plastic flow analysis (mold optimization)
Fatigue/failure analysis
Finite element analysis (FEA)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Structural analysis
Thermal analysis
Steady and transient states
Shock, vibration, drop, impact analysis
Geometric optimization (weight, size, cross section, material)
3D CAD solid/surface modeling
Theoretical analysis via computer tools
Empirical analysis via lab testing.
Engineering report generation.
Color 3D prints of the parts under stress for better product validation/design review.