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This is the first step in providing realtime 3D modelling solutions in a series to come. This 3D surface generator uses the device's camera (iPhone®, Android®, iPad®, iPod®) as a 3D Surface Scanner to view, create, modify and export 3D surface models allowing us to really make it easy and inexpensive for both professional designers and casual 3D enthusiasts to use complex textures and surface geometry found in real world objects in their designs and art.

This is an internal experimental project that found its way to the market when reviewed by professional artists. Impressionist Art is a magical way to paint and is not a regular digital effect found in other applications. It is sensitive to speed and direction of the finger movement to create the painting. It awakens the inner artist that resides in all of us.Turn your iPhone®/iPod®/iPad® pictures into stunning impressionist paintings using your finger as an artist would use a paintbrush. Make sure to spend sometime as a real artist would do. Slower the movement, more detail will get generated. iPad specific HD version to be released soon.