3DSurfScan 1.0

Create/save "live" 3D surface models in "realtime" anywhere/anytime.


NeoTrux is pleased to introduce their newest application called 3DSurfaceScan and announce its release on early April 2011. 3DSurfScan enables millions of iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) users worldwide to quickly generate 3D surfaces to enhance their 3D designs, art and animations by allowing to scan complex surface geometries and textures. Simply pointing the devices's camera at the target object, instantly generates the live surface model on the screen. Live model can be modified, saved or emailed for use on MAC/PC CAD station.

Currently creating 3D Surface Models requires extensive design time, access to expensive equipment and knowledge of 3D design software like CAD systems.  This limits the capability of the average individual to create 3D models featuring cool or advanced textures or surface structures that they can see in everyday objects in the world around them.

3DSurfaceScan on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) will open up new ways for the millions of device users to create beautiful advanced and useful 3D surface models scanned from the world around them. 

What makes 3DSurfScan special is that it allows the user to create and view in real-time a 3D surface model of an object viewed by the rear facing camera of the device.  As user moves the camera, the 3D surface model changes correspondingly without delay.  User can also zoom, rotate, pan, change color palettes, and change the height/elevation of the model in realtime to get the ideal view of the model. Math data of the model is available in reltime and can be saved/send by email at any given time in live or paused modes. 

3DSurfScan features the following:

  • Realtime 3D model generation.
  • Realtime availability of the math (CAD) data  
  • Live dynamic viewing of the 3D surface model (zoom, pan, rotate). 
  • Pause function to freeze the model for more detailed review and changes.
  • Dynamic height/elevation control (positive/negative). 
  • 3 Camera lens settings allowing different size image fields and resolution. 

Four colour palettes.

Creates and exports 3D file in Wavefront® *.obj format.   

Save Tab to save file to iPhone® filing system (tap it during live view for uninterrupted model export, or during paused view). 

Send Tab to attach the *.obj model to an email ready to be sent.          

On screen Help.


Screen Shots


User Interface

All the commands are functional during live view, paused view and also with the help menu.

Lens Zoom: Double tap on the screen to scroll between 3 different lens angles. Wider view reduces the geometry accuracy. Command is not functional in Paused mode.
Colour: Triple tap on the screen to scroll between 4 colour pallets. Different colours represent different height on the model. Colour is not added to the exported 3D CAD file. In case of difficulty controlling the colour (since double tap controls the lens), enter into the Paused mode and then adjust the colour by triple tap, then exit the pause if need be.

Dynamic Rotation: One finger circular drag on screen rotates the model. Important: Two edges of the model are coloured to help you reorient the view. The blue line represents the top of the view (top of the camera) and Red is the left side. These two lines are not that easy to see in complex models with some colour palets. Switching to the Black and White colour pallet makes them more visible.

Dynamic Pan: Drag with two finger on screen to pan the view. This command is useful while zooming as view might not zoom exactly where user wants.

Zoom In/Out: Pinch the screen in/out with two finger horizontally (from the sides in landscape mode). This command enlarges the model and is not a digital/optical camera zoom. User gets closer to the model and can see more detail.

Model Elevation: Pinch the screen in/out vertically to change the model elevation from negative all the way to positive. (Pinch up/down in landscape view). This command gives full control to the user for height adjustment. Value can be changed from negative all the way to zero and then to positive.

Pause/Run: Locks the model and exits live view. We recommend pausing the view, then adjusting the height (vertical pinch) before saving/sending the email. Press Run to go back to the live view. 

Save (Export): Saves the *.obj file (Wavefront 3D model) into device filing system (1frame/sec). User does not see any effect as files gets stored internally and will be accessible during iTunes sync. (see the following picture)

Send: Opens the email client with *.obj file (Wavefront 3D model) as attachment.

Application generates the 3D math data (CAD model) and files can be emailed within the app or stored on the device filing system for later access during iTunes sync. During sync with iTunes go to App tap and scroll down to see a list of apps that are using the internal filing system of the device. Click on 3DSurfScan and the list of saved files appears on the right side. Drag and drop the files to your desktop/folder for use in your CAD program.  Note that the user can also export the 3D math (CAD) data in realtime continuously without interrupting the action by tapping on the Save button.

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Application Notes
Generated 3D math (CAD) data is in *.obj format (Wavefront *.obj open file format). User can convert the 3D data format to any other format using many open source programs like MeshLab (MAC, PC) or others such as Alias WaveFront , or Maya (MAC, PC).

Dynamic control on a model generated in realtime is very intensive, both on the user and device. We recommend using both hands for better control and try to view the objects in proper lighting condition. Different lighting and surface reflections will affect the generated model.
3DSurfScan is an advanced consumer iOS app and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.1 or higher with rear facing camera.

Current Version: 1.0
Known bugs: 
1- Spelling error on start screen (Pause is spelled Puase)
2- Export button instead of save (help refers to save button. Please note export has the same functionality as save)

Planned enhancements (in addition to bug fixes) on upcoming release.
1- Sound effects will be added to save button (current export button).
2- Modified help screen