Systematic Product Design & Development

Helping hand to weather your product development crisis

A dynamic and collaborative systematic engineering approach to tackle the most pressing problems you have during different stages product development.

This systematic approach will reduce the development risk in all of the stages of product development cycle, saving our customers both time and money. Our service is usually 4 fold faster than industry norm at about 90% lower cost for our clients. This is achieved through our unique problem solving technique.

Let's keep it simple and show you an example of a product development cycle you usually face for a basic product from requirements stage to PPAP stage:

This is an example of a typical project that will be wrapped up in 9 to 12 months. Usual forecast for most of the projects only if it does not get into the endless loops shown in red arrows. That is where delays/cost overruns start to affect the product and draw resources from all over the place (delaying other parallel programs) to get this one going. As an example a recent complex electro-mechanical product for commercial truck industry was wrapped up in 6.5 months with no loop back (Stage P03 to P07 in a month and P09 to P27 in 5.5 months).