NeoFuse Composite

A reliable composite for lightweight and recyclable structure. Unlike other composites (carbon fibre for example), it can handle high volume production rates with fraction of the cost while delivering very attractive weight to stiffness ratio. In addition is has much lower design and manufacturing restrictions.

This composite design technology was developed key partnerships with industry leaders in plastic technology and associated manufacturing.

It has been used on one of our most challenging designs for mining truck application.

Just let us know if you are after removing mass from your product, increase its performance and we will investigate the use of this design and manufacturing technology for you.

Some of the key benefits:

  1. Highly flexible design process.
  2. Suitable for high volume production lines.
  3. Process does not involve with hazardous chemicals.
  4. Close to zero scrap rate.
  5. Use of conventional production equipment with zero emission.
  6. Economical in producing large components.
  7. %100 recyclable.