Topology Optimisation

A mathematical model driven from optimisation in nature. Topology optimisation reduces the development time significantly. While its results are not always the most practical for traditional manufacturing methods, they can be easily made using additive manufacturing methods or even using NeoFuse technique.

Using different evolutionary algorithm tools, 3D geometry model gets divided to finite elements in different classes. Algorithm evolves each generation of elements through their lifetime with emphasis on mass/strength/cost/mfg technique optimisations. It and generates a new population by evolving the old one. The process gets repeated with the new population over and over (usually 20 to 700 generations depending on the design requirements).

Final 3D model gets used to craft the final 3D model based on the selected manufacturing/tooling technique. One final round of multi physics test gets performed on the model to verify the performance before release to manufacturing/prototyping.

This is a very effective technique for critical products with demanding strength to mass ratio requirements.